2015  "Tochigi agricultural promotion", Flying Samurai Pictures   

 2015  "Soshu-ji Temple (Sano Yakuyoke Daishi) TV Commercial", Flying Samurai Pictures   

2015  "Tochigi promotional short films", Flying Samurai Pictures   

2014  "Slit Mouth Woman in L.A.", Lily Films  

2014  "Godzilla Premiere Screening in Hollywood", Toho co. , Ltd.  

2013  "Life Is Beautiful" by Minoru, Flying Samurai Pictures   

2012  "Sheer Cover", Guthy Renker  

2012  "Ordinary Life" Flying Samurai Pictures  

2012  "Proactive" Guthy Renker   2012  "Japan Promotion" Guthy Renker  

2012  A Feature Film "Chain" Flying Samurai Pictures  

2011  "Reclaim" Guthy Renker   2011  "WEN" Guthy Renker  

2011  "US STYLE + (Nature Made Infomercial)" TV ASAHI  

2011  "Another Sky" Nippon TV  

2010  "US STYLE + (Nature Made Infomercial)" TV ASAHI  

2010  "Poinsettia" Flying Samurai Pictures  

2010  "Obama to Rally Democrats at USC" Nippon TV  

2010  "Another Sky" Nippon TV  

2010  "Pioneer 3D Shoot" Pioneer Corporation  

2010  "Saki" Team J Production  

2010  "Cover for Toyota Recall conference" Nippon TV  

2010  "Research for Toyota recall" Nippon TV  

2009  "Sony 3D Home Theatre Promotion" Sony PCL  

2009  "Anne Jennings" Flying Samurai Pictures  

2009  "Emi Meyer" Plankton  

2009  "Promotion for 20th Century Boy" Nippon TV  

2009  "Michael Jackson" Nippon TV  

2009  "Oha!4 News Live" Nippon TV  

2009  "Cover for 81st Academy Award" Nippon TV  

2008  "The Letter" Flying Samurai Pictures  

2008  "Underground Kings" Invision Films  

2008  "Blur the Line" 2 Inch Productions  

2008  "Animosity" 2 Inch Productions  

2008  " Cover for Kazuyoshi Miura" Nippon TV  

2008 "Esperanza Beach" Little Button Productions  

2007  "Love; Quit or Die" Little Button Productions  

2007  " Akira’s Hip Hop Shop" Daydreamer Pictures